Long-Lasting Glow Stones for Walkways

Glow stones are the latest rage in creating outdoor landscapes that are worth marveling over. Besides this, these glow-in-the-dark stones work without any electricity or batteries. They are economical and ecologically friendly.

If you want to create a walkway that will light up all night with an enchanting glow, you will need to buy the best glow stones for walkways.


The best stones are available from Ambient Glowing Technology. As the innovator in glowstone technology, they are the makers of long-lasting, durable and attractive glow stones that will make any walkway look beautiful day or night.


Bulk stones are easy to buy online but you cannot always be sure of the quality that you are getting. If you shop for your glow stones or walkways at AGT you are assured of getting quality stones that will never crack. They come in several shades of white, beige and other natural colors to match your home’s exterior or to accentuate a garden or patio area.


The stones made by Ambient Glowing Technology only require being exposed to the sun for eight minutes. After this, they will glow steadily for 10 hours at night. These will hold up to many years of use and exposure to the elements.


Besides creating a walkway to beautify your home, you will be creating a walkway that makes it safer to be outside when it is dark. If you have people over for a summer barbecue, they will be able to see where they are walking even when it gets late and dark out. This is something that can give you added peace of mind.


You can add your AGT glow stones for walkways whether they are concrete or resin. They are easy to install and they will look as beautiful in 10 years as they do today. AGT invites customers to request free samples of their stones.


If you want to have help in designing your walkway, just ask one of the company’s master dealers for more details about the Enterprise Program. This is a program that allows you to get the professional assistance of a designer to create the layout of your walkway.


You may also have them do the installation of the walkway for you. Your other options for installation include hiring a contractor to do it for you. Some people lay the walkways out themselves. These are not that hard to do and you can have your new walkway ready to go in about a weekend.

These are bright, beautiful and make any landscape look great all night long. They also have an added layer of security to them as they keep your exterior brighter and safer to walk around in the dark. They are affordable to own as they never require any electricity or batteries to produce bright, steady light all night.


Give your home a designer look on the outside with bright colored glow stones. Your walkway will look like an ordinary path during the day and will look spectacular at night.